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Wonderful Actress who left us at the age of '18'
Sobha was an ingenuous actress of Malayalam and Tamil films who had also acted in south Indian languages Telugu and Kannada.She had exalted acting skills which was of exceptional qualities.The ingenuity which she possessed to create apt minute expressions on face and the  most suited movements and gestures were highly appreciated by beholders.Her extraordinary acting talents exhilarated  succulent directors who had pensive ideas and they utilized her to make non-commercial,artistic and experimental type of films.She was able to understand what the director required from a particular scene.In several films she had to present distressed characters and their aggravating situations and she was always brilliant in that job.Her acting skills were inherent since she was the daughter of Prema, an actress of Malayalam films and her father was K.P.Menon.She was born on 23rd September 1962.
Eminent directors like Balachandra Menon,K.G.George,Mohan,P.N.Panicker,Ramu Kariatt,K.S.Sethumadhavan etc made superb films with Sobha and gained appreciation from the audience.
Her debut film was 'Udyogastha' a Malayalam film as a child artist at the age of eight.
In 1978 she was cast heroine in 'Uthradarathri' a film which was directed by Balachandra Menon.
She got Kerala government Best actress award for films 'Bandhanam' and 'Ente Neelakasam' which were also of 1978.The same year  she got Best actress award by Film fare for Kannada film 'Aparichita'.
Ulkkadal was also a fantastic movie of that year which was directed by K.G.George and in the same year 'Ekakini' which was directed by P.N.Panicker was  an excellent movie.
'Salini Ente Koottukari' was a bock buster film which was directed by Mohan and scripted by Padmarajan was a box office hit.Jalaja,Sukumaran,Venu Nagavally,K.P.Ummer,Ravi Menon etc acted in that movie and the song and sequence of " Sundari....Ninte Thumpu kettiyitta churul mudiyil thulasi kathirukal choodi....." which the lyrics are of M.D.Rajendran is still very popular.
In 1979 she was recipient of National award for Best Actress for the Tamil film 'Pasi' which was produced by Lalitha, the eldest of the 'Travancore Sisters'.Highly talented Malayalam/Tamil actor Vijayan costarred with her in that film in  which she gave life to the character on screen.She was given Film fare Best Actress award also for 'Pasi'.She was also the recipient of second Best actress award from Kerala government in 1977 for the film 'Ormakal Marikkumo'.
For some of her films the cinematographer was skillful Balu Mahendra and he fell in love with Sobha and they got married without the consent of family members.This marriage created so many problems and conflicts in the family circle and in amidst of that dilemma she committed suicide.This was on 1st May 1980.
She was like a rose  which fell before blooming.Every film goers were shocked to hear the news.Those who loved good cinema expected very much from that intelligent actress.The actress who was able to present succulent as well as susceptible roles equally good could have gained stupendous achievements if lived longer.
K.G.George who made 'Ulkkadal' film with Sobha directed a film 'Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flash Back'
which dealt with  a story that had resemblance to the real life of Sobha, after her tragic death.
Her untimely departure was a real loss to the industry and those who love art and cinema  are still sad about her.
Malayalam Films
Wayanadan Thampan
Sobha and Jalaja in 'Salini Ente Koottukari'

Ormakal Markkumo
Ente Neelakasam
Venalil Oru Mazha
Salini Ente Koottukari
Dalia Pookkal
Amritha Vahini
Manju Moodal Manju
Tamil Films
Thattungal Thurakkapedum
Nizhal Nijamakirathu
Oru veedu Oru Ulagam
Mullum Malarum
Veettukku veedu Vasappadi
Oru vidukathai oru thodakathai
Azhiyatha Kolangal
Agal Vilakku
Veli Thandiya Velladu
Moodu Pani
Anbulla Athan
Telugu Films
Tharam Marindi
Manavoori Pandavulu
Kannada Films

Scene fronm Kannada film 'Kokila'
Scene from film 'Pasi'

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